Sidmouth Lifeboat On BikeS.


Seven members of our crew were involved in a venture which saw them complete a cycle ride around the UK coastline. It took them 16 days and they aimed to raise £14,200 and to raise the profiles of independent Lifeboats around the UK. They managed to raise an incredible £17,300 and were able to raise the awareness in a number of ways. For more information on the ride read below and see their Blog.

We do also need to mention a huge thank you to all of our Sponsors who supported us throughout the ride, as well as the invaluable support of the Sid Valley and Otter Valley Rotary clubs. To see a list of all our sponsors please click here.


Our aims for the ride were as follows:

  • To complete a cycle journey which links all independent Lifeboat stations in the UK.
  • Generate enough income to fund the purchase of a new back up boat for the Sidmouth Lifeboat station, the current back up boat is unfit for purpose at present and the purchase of a new one would be able to provide even more cover and a more stable vessel for training of newer crew members.
  • To promote the awareness of Independent Lifeboat stations around the UK.
  • The Route for the ride can be found by clicking here.

The crew have been committed to completing this ride and had been training very hard over the preceding year to get them to the fitness levels required to complete it. They were all from different backgrounds and have a wide variety of interests! Their unique profiles are listed below.

The original aim was to do it in 2013 but it was delayed, for the Sidmouth Herald report click here.

If you would like to know any information about the ride then please contact us via our Facebook or Twitter pages, or by emailing us at;
If you would like to see the photos or the updates, which were updated every few hours throughout the ride, then please have a look at our Facebook page.


 Glyn Jones
Theo Burgess  I’ve been on the crew for 2 years now, and it was very early on when the idea of this cycle was raised within a few keen Crew members. I was up for it straight away as I felt strongly about the benefits of the charity and also love a challenge!My cycling history had been pretty vague before I agreed to this ride with no major rides on record. However since then I completed the Jurassic Classic route on it’s first year and did a huge amount of preparation for this which I found to be very enjoyable. As well as signing up for lots of other sportives this year!
   Adam Davis  I have been a crew member of Sidmouth Lifeboat for the past 7 years and understand how important it is to raise funds in order for it to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The idea of completing a cycle ride around the country was mentioned and I thought (in a moment of madness!) that it would be a great idea to combine my enjoyment of cycling with fundraising, so here I am!Over the past 18 months I have spent plenty of time cycling around the countryside in order to get fitter so I can prepare myself for this challenge.  This includes completing a few cycling events such as the Jurassic Classic, FORCE Century Challenge and FORCE Autumn Breeze to date.
 Phil Marish  As soon as I heard the idea of this ride being raised I was instantly on board, I have been a massive cycling fan for the duration of my life with my professional history being a BMX stunt cyclist. I am really looking forward to completing this ride and maybe even a few tricks along the way! Having once completed the route of the Tour de France, in my car, I feel that I am ready for the challenges this venture will bring and I am keen to conquer them!
 Michael Benzon  I joined Sidmouth Lifeboat in August 2012 just a few months after moving down to Sidmouth from Harrogate. I enjoy anything which involves water, particularly surfing, and it’s great to be able to get involved in a charity which operates on water! When I’m not in the sea I’m on my bicycle and with Peak and Salcombe hill on either side of Sidmouth, every ride is a challenge. I like challenges which is why I’m taking part in this Tour of Britain and really look forward to seeing different parts of the country on a bike and at the same time raising awareness and money for a good cause!
   Dean Ruse I got to know a few of the team by going out on training rides with them and as a result learned all about the Lifeboat and the forthcoming ride around Britain. As a result am one of the newer members of the crew and really enjoying it. Getting to know all of the terminology and and the kit used, one thing has become clear and that it the importance of kit that works and that is reliable.
I have cycled all of my life and have taken part in quite a few big rides over the years (nothing like this one though!). They include 100 miles off road on the South Downs, numerous 100+ mile organised rides and I also commute by bike every day to work. I am looking forward to this ride and the opportunity to raise enough money to provide a new back up boat for Sidmouth as well as raising awareness for all of the independent Lifeboat crews throughout the country.