Shore Crew

Not all volunteers crew the lifeboat. All lifeboat stations have voluntary shore helpers who help run the lifeboat station and assist with the launch and recovery of the lifeboat. Tasks during a callout include traffic management, clearing the launch site of beach users, refueling, washing down, keeping a radio log and assisting with turning the boat on the turntable. Some shore crew also undertake important roles which keep the boat ready for sea.  Examples include equipment purchasing, maintenance scheduling, and Deputy Launch Authorities (DLAs) who are the first point of contact for the Coastguard on a shout and, together with the Helm and Tractor Driver, authorise the launch of the lifeboat. 


  “Little” Al Phillips
Senior DLA
Coastguard long service medal
Jubilee Medal
(Sales rep)
Little Al was a founding member of the Lifeboat. He was also a member of the Beer Coastguard team for 35 years. He joined after moving to the valley from Cornwall, where he was a lifeguard. He and Keith Roberts originally founded the “Sidmouth surf lifesaving club” which has evolved into the modern Lifeboat setup we have now.

“I have three children; Mark, Joan and Ben. Two grandchildren; Olivia and Massimo and love spending time with them all. I love being part of the team and have been known to be found in either the Swan inn, or Pynes bar socialising on a weekend. I really enjoy being a part of a team.”To read what the local paper has to say about Al on his 45 year affiliation with the boat click here.

Mark Wearing DLA and Station Mechanic I retired from running The Marmite factory in 2008 and moved to Sidmouth in 2009 when I joined as Shore Crew (too old to go on the boat). I like to fix things so spend time fixing all the things others break, there is always plenty to do at the lifeboat station.

Shore Crew

Phil Marish
  John Tulitt
  John’s main responsibility is managing our fuel stocks