Shore Crew

Not all volunteers crew the lifeboat. All lifeboat stations have voluntary shore helpers who help run the lifeboat station and assist with the launch and recovery of the lifeboat. Tasks during a callout include traffic management, clearing the launch site of beach users, refueling, washing down, keeping a radio log and assisting with turning the boat on the turntable. Some shore crew also undertake important roles which keep the boat ready for sea.  Examples include equipment purchasing, maintenance scheduling, and Deputy Launch Authorities (DLAs) who are the first point of contact for the Coastguard on a shout and, together with the Helm and Tractor Driver, authorise the launch of the lifeboat. 

Phil Shepperd
Operations Manager
Phil was Senior Coxswain of the Lifeboat between 2012-2017 and was on the crew for ten years prior to that. Phil now sits as the Chairman of the organisation and as the Lifeboats Operations Manager. His main roles are to support the Coxswain in the running of the operations, maintain an effective link between the Operations team and the Trustees and also to be the primary point of contact for HM Coastguard.




  John Tulitt
  John’s main responsibility is managing our fuel stocks
Andy Hardy Retired Chartered Surveyor Retired in 2015 and moved to Sidmouth from Hertfordshire and joined the Lifeboat in October 2016. Have been visiting the area for family holidays since 1987 and have always enjoyed the sea. Enjoy fishing, kayaking & 5-a-side football.
Brian Taylor Boathouse Manager Joined Sidmouth Lifeboat’s shore crew in October 2014. Previously a deep sea Marine Engineer and a retired Police SGT I can appreciate what an asset the Lifeboat is to the local community and to sea farers in particular. It is hoped that my experience and life skills will be a further asset to this young and enthusiastic volunteer crew!