Join The Crew

Are you over 18?

Do you live or work in Sidmouth and are you willing to play your part within a team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Do you have a desire to give aid to those in distress? Then read on….

There are several key areas of operation in the Sidmouth Lifeboat Service. As outlined below, not only do we need crew for the lifeboat, we also need a range of support personnel to be able to launch and recover the lifeboat, perform maintainence on the lifeboat and ensure that we are trained up to the highest standards of today.

• 6 weeks simply observing the crew at work and introduction to our crew, lifeboat and launch tractor and trailer, launch and recovery of the lifeboat various equipment on the boat and in the boathouse and familiarisation with the Lifeboat operating procedures. Join in with some basic training; seamanship skills, knots, chart work, radio, first aid etc.
• Crew training takes place every Tuesday (6:30pm) and every other Sunday (8:00am) at the boathouse and at sea.
• Once you have passed the probationary period, and you decide to proceed with training and join the crew (subject to approval of the Senior Coxswain and Operations Committee) you will continue to attain Shorecrew status.

• Introduction and requirements of our Health & Safety Policy.
• Introduction to your Crew-Rep
• Shorecrew duties during callouts, coastal recognition, VHF radio, further chart work, first aid, launch and recovery of lifeboat, refuelling and returning lifeboat to ready state.
• Courses: Basic First Aid, VHF Radio and Pyrotechnics certificate.
• Familiarise with operation procedures, training and maintenance.
• When Shorecrew training module is all signed off, you will be welcomed as a qualified member of Sidmouth Lifeboat, receive a pager and key to the boathouse and can fully assist with callouts.

Tractor driver
• Tractor driver training is specialised. By the time you finish Shorecrew training you will know if training to be one of our tractor drivers is right for you.

Boat Crew
• Sea survival training, all operation procedures, further navigation and radio, advanced first aid, boat and casualty handling, use and maintenance of lifeboat, rig and equipment
• Courses: Sea survival, Powerboat level 2, First Aid – Oxygen, Entonox, Airways and Defibrillator.

Senior Crew
• Safety boat certificate. Advanced Navigation and Radar and/or Advanced Powerboat training
• If adequate competency is achieved, training can continue to become helmsman or even Coxswain.

Health & Fitness
Each crewmember must sign a declaration of suitable health and fitness. Boat crew must show evidence of fitness, when aged 45 medicals are required. Boat crew retire when 50.

Each member is appraised annually, training requirements identified and role within the organisation discussed.

Specialised roles
Many crew members wear extra hats: Maintenance, Crew Rep, and the Officers who fill the Operations Management Committee; Senior Cox, Second Cox, Senior Tractor Driver, Training Officer, Health & Safety Officer, Equipment Officer, Duty Launch Officer and so on. A role like this might be right for you.

Crew Meetings
If the Crew Rep has identified problems or matters requiring discussion he will call a meeting for all crewmembers to have the opportunity to have a say.

We are all volunteers, unpaid, and donate large amounts of our spare and working time to Sidmouth Lifeboat.


Crew training takes place every Tuesday ( 6:30 p.m. ) and every other Sunday ( 8:00 a.m. )  at the boathouse and at sea. 

If you are interested in joining the crew, then please complete a Crewmember Application Form as well as a Medical form and return to the Lifeboat Station at

The Lifeboat Station, The Esplanade, Sidmouth, Devon, England.

EX10 8BE

Tel 01395 514903