Cycling training.

We have been training for the event by participating in various cycling events around East Devon, our favourite being the Jurassic Classic in both 2012 & 2013! We also train as a team on Thursday evenings where we have been steadily increasing our distance and our height climbed each week! We have been increasing our knowledge of cycling and the unprecedented challenge ahead by inviting various experienced personnel to come and talk to us.

People such as Alistair Cope, who runs Velo Ventures and is involved heavily in the cycling scene both locally and nationally.

As well as Tim Smith who has recently joined the Lifeboat’s trustees and has a vast experience from his background of education and leadership to help us to organise the event and to contact the various sponsors and contact points on route.

We are all volunteers in this venture and therefore any work we do is time spent away from our families (they love it!) and personal lives, but we are united as a team and are willing to make the sacrifice as we believe in our cause as a worthy one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.