Callouts – 2011


 Incident No: Date  Time  Nature of Call Out Location








09/01/11 14:27 Investigation Axmouth Sidmouth Lifeboat was launched at the request of Portland Coastguard to investigate a raft adrift off of Axmouth.It was confirmed that the raft had broken free from Axmouth Harbour , and was unmanned. It was towed to waiting Coastguards on the beach at Seaton.

While returning to Sidmouth the lifeboat was re-tasked to assist Coastguard cliff-top teams who were winching a team member down the cliff at Jacobs Ladder to rescue a dog. The dog was recovered alive and well to the cliff top. Lifeboat stood down and returned to Sidmouth

03-11 09/02/11 20:21 Investigation Branscombe Sidmouth Lifeboat was launched at the request of Portland Coastguard, to investigate an object floating in the water 2 miles south of Branscombe/Beer Head.Sidmouth Lifeboat was guided to the last sighted location by local Coastguard teams on Beer Head.Coastguard Helicopter Rescue 106 and Sidmouth Lifeboat completed an extensive search of the area in failing light. Searches complete and nothing found, Sidmouth Lifeboat and Rescue 106 were stood down by Portland Coastguard.
04-11 08/04/11 20:21 Search Beer Head Launched to assist with a search for an object reported to be seen floating approximately 2 nm off of Beer Head. Sidmouth Lifeboat, working on scene with the Coastguard Helicopter, performed an expanding box search. Nothing was found and the Lifeboat was stood down at 21.21.
05-11 12/04/11 19:15 Assist Exmouth While on routine training off of Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Exmouth Coastguard team in dealing with a cliff top incident at Orcombe Point, Exmouth.Lifeboat stood down to returned to station at 20:25
06-11 21/04/11 17:55 Search Lyme Regis Launched to assist in the search for a missing diver 3 miles off Lyme Regis. Search also involved Lyme and Weymouth Lifeboats, Coastguard Helos 104 and 106, RFA Gold Rover and a number of smaller vessels.Sidmouth Lifeboat and other units progressively stood down with fading daylight. Missing diver sadly not found.Whilst en route to Sidmouth a new search was commenced following sighting of (unrelated) possible red flare in the area offshore Sidmouth. Crew change & refuel; search continued using radar, searchlights and night sights. Nothing was found.
07-11 31/05/11 17:15 Assist Branscombe Launched to assist an 18ft yacht adrift of Branscombe. On arrival found that the vessel had been anchored 10m off Branscombe beach. Towed the vessel to a safe anchorage in Beer.
08-11 26/06/11 11:40 Assist Axmouth While on routine training, Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to a fishing vessel, beached and taking on water at the mouth of the River Axe, near Seaton. The vessel was found breached to the waves and full of water. Two fishing boats had attempted to tow the vessel into the waves – to enable bailing. Sidmouth Lifeboat put a crewman and pump aboard the stricken vessel and attempted to turn the vessel’s bow into the waves, but the vessel continued to take on water. The vessel was towed to a point on the shingle bar opposite the harbour entrance to facilitate a tractor winch recovery.
09-11 26/06/11 23:57 Search Ladram Bay Lifeboat launched at the request of Portland Coastguard to search for a small vessel between Ladram Bay and Budleigh Salterton. The vessel was reported to be without lights, lifejackets, etc and overdue .Search commenced at Big Picket Rock heading West. A boat ashore at Ladram Bay was confirmed as being the vessel in question.
10-11 30/07/11 16:37 Assist Ladram Bay Lifeboat launched at the request of Portland Coastguard to search for a 21 foot motor, boat broken down, ½ mile South of Ladram Bay. The vessel was taken under tow to Axmouth Harbour (Seaton) and moored on an offshore buoy at the request of the skipper
11-11 01/08/11 19:43 Search Weston Lifeboat launched at the request of Portland Coastguard to search for a small rubber dinghy with three persons on board. The vessel was out of Seaton and overdue for arrival at Sidmouth. The crew were reported in difficulties 300metres south of Weston Mouth, without appropriate clothing, lights or lifejackets. The crew and vessel were found and taken aboard the lifeboat with one casualty suffering from mild hypothermia. Casualties were taken to Sidmouth to recover and safety briefed by HM Coastguard.
12-11 03/08/11 15:58 Search Sidmouth Lifeboat launched at the request of Portland Coastguard to search for missing 10-year old girl on Sidmouth Beach. Several close inshore searches were performed with nothing found. The 10 year old girl was reported to be found ashore safe and well. A member of the public raised the alarm that several children were in difficulty on the rock groin outside the boathouse. Sidmouth Lifeboat aided by shore crew in drysuits, and members of the public, pulled two children and one adult to safety. Casualties were treated for cuts and bruises, and shock in the lifeboat station.
13-11 10/08/11 03:43 Search Sidmouth

Sidmouth Lifeboat Launched to 2 reports of red flares sighted off Sidmouth.

After several searches using night nights and illuminants nothing was found and Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down by Portland Coastguard. Sidmouth lifeboat returned to station at 04:54

14-11 15/08/11 15:56 Rescue Branscombe Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist a 19 foot fishing vessel that had been washed onto rocks near Beer Head with two persons on board.A crew member swam to the fishing boat with a line and the boat was towed off the rocks and recovered to Beer Beach.Sidmouth Lifeboat returned to station at 18:04
15-11 18/08/11 11:43 Search Sidmouth The Lifeboat was launched to assist in the search for a missing male, whose car had been abandoned on Sidmouth Sea Front the previous evening. Police, Coastguard Units and RAF SAR Helo were also involved. Having confirmed the foreshore and cliff face were clear from Brandy head to Branscombe Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down and completed a net recovery.
16-11 21/08/11 21:34 Rescue Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to the assistance of a 29’ Yacht with damaged mast and engine failure 6 miles south west of Lyme Regis. Sidmouth lifeboat took the yacht under tow and handed the tow over to Exmouth lifeboat 4 miles south of Sidmouth at 23:17 for them to complete the tow to Exmouth.
17-11 24/09/11 16:55 Assist Seaton Lifeboat launched to the assistance of a small vessel in difficulty on the Eastern part of Seaton beach.
18-11 25/10/11 15:05 Assist Littlecombe Shoot Launched to possible shipping container floating in the sea just off of Littlecombe Shoot. Beer coastguard were on scene and from the cliff tops were able to direct the Lifeboat to the location of the object. The object was discovered to be a container door, no ID marks were identified and the position was recorded before towing the door to Branscombe beach where it was winched ashore. Returned to complete a search of the datum area and to confirm nothing else in the water.
19-11 04/11/11 08:34 Investigation Seaton Lifeboat launched after reports of a body off of Seaton Hole, on arrival Police had recovered the body after it had washed ashore. Crew members went ashore to provide assistance and returned to station shortly afterwards.