Callouts – 2004


Incident No: Date




Incident Report
001-04 04/01/2004 14:06 Search Budleigh Salterton ILB launched to assist in search for a missing diver off of Budleigh Salterton. ILB arrived on scene along with Exmouth ILB & All Weather Lifeboat and Coatguard Rescue Helicopter. A search was commenced during which the missing diver surfaced safe & well. Diver was checked for any medical attention by Exmouth Coastguard. ILB returnd to station at 14:48
002-04 15/02/2004 13:27 Search Budleigh Salterton ILB launched to assist in search for a reported missing woman. ILB searched between Sidmouth & Budleigh Salterton, nothing found. ILB was then joined by Exmouth ILB and searched inshore area around Budleigh Salterton. Both ILB’s then joined by Exmouth Lifeboat and proceeded to Dawlish Warren to commence a search at Dawlish. All Lifeboats were then informed that the woman had been located safe & well. ILB then returned to station.
003-04 03/03/2004 02:06 Search Ladram Bay

ILB launched to search for a missing elderly gentleman between Salcombe Mouth and Ladram Bay. ILB performed a close in shore search from Sidmouth to Ladram Bay, with nothing found. ILB then launched a white illuminating flare at Ladram Bay and commenced a visual search of the area, nothing found. ILB then commenced the return leg of the inshore search and shouting was heard from the top of High Peak. ILB crew determined location of the gentleman and guided Coastguards to the scene. Coastguard teams then recovered the Gentleman to the top of the cliffs, from where he was taken by Coastguard helicopter to hospital. ILB returned to station at 05:30.

Click here for the BBC news report of the incident.

004-04 17/03/2004 14:20 Search / Rescue Weston Mouth ILB tasked to proceed to a point midway between Littlecombe Shoot & Weston Mouth after a report of a pile of clothes on the beach. After locating the clothes a crew member was put ashore to search the beach. Coastguard helicopter Whiskey Bravo then spotted a body 200m east of the clothes. A second crew member was then put ashore to assist recovering the body to the beach. Crew remained on scene until SOC officers arrived. ILB returned to station at 18:30.
005-04 03/05/2004 14:53 Rescue Beer Head

ILB launched following a report of a capsized dinghy off of Beer Head. ILB was proceeding to scene, when stood down by Portland Coastguard after dinghy was recovered by Beer Sailing Club Rescue Boat.

006-04 14/06/2004 22:18 Search Straight Point

ILB launched in service after a report of a missing Kite Surfer between Straight Point & Exmouth. ILB tasked by Exmouth Lifeboat to search area from Pole Sands To Shaldon . Nothing seen. ILB then performed close inshore search with Exmouth ILB from Pole Sands to Otterton Ledge. ILB then performed a crew change at Sidmouth. ILB rendezvoused with Exmouth Lifeboat and searched 1.3n m offshore Start Point. Nothing seen. Lifeboats then informed that person was found safe & well. ILB returned to station and ready for service at 03:05.

Click here for the BBC news report of the incident

007-04 27/06/2004 09:28 Rescue Branscombe

ILB launched in service after report of a dinghy on the beach at Sherborne Rocks. ILB arrived on scene & put a crew member ashore to recover the dinghy. ILB informed by Portland Coastguard that no one was missing & ILB tasked to recover dinghy to Beer Beach. ILB then returned to station.

008-04 12/07/2004 18:14 Search Lyme Regis

ILB launched in service after a report of a missing yachtsman off of Lyme Regis. ILB stood down at 18:38 after yachtsman was found. On return to station ILB was re-tasked to a new situation.

009-04 12/07/2004 1842 Search Sidmouth ILB retuned from a callout when re-tasked to search for a missing 8 year old on a inflatable. ILB performed search with Exmouth Lifeboat, Lyme Regis ILB, Exmouth ILB, Sidmouth 2 & Whiskey Bravo, nothing found. ILB then crew changed at 21:35 and returned to station at 21:54 after nothing found.
010-04 15/07/2004 20:59 Search Sidmouth ILB tasked to search for a missing male between Sidmouth & Seaton. ILB performed a close inshore search and was then stood down at 21:25 after the male was found by the Police
011-04 07/08/2004 17:15 Rescue Pound Beach ILB launched in service to assist 3 children reported as being cut off by the tide at Pound Beach.  ILB put 1 crewman ashore to search the caves and beach area, nothing found.  ILB then searched cliffs & beach to Beer, again with nothing found.  ILB then searched the Sherborne Rocks area and put 1 crewman ashore to search beach area.  Nothing found.  ILB then stood down.  ILB returned to station at 18:16
012-04 31/08/2004 18:25 Rescue Sidmouth ILB launched in service to collect 2 youths trapped on the rock islands at Sidmouth.
013-04 06/09/2004 13:37 Rescue Branscombe Mouth ILB launched to assist a dinghy drifting off of Branscombe Mouth. ILB located and recovered 1 person from the dinghy. Person did not require medical attention and was delivered back to Branscombe Mouth beach.
014-04 07/09/2004 18:00 Rescue Sidmouth ILB crew paged by Portland Coastguard and requested to standby to recover 4 persons from the rock islands at Sidmouth. Persons made their own way ashore and were attended by ambulance personnel