Callouts – 2001


Incident No:


Time Type


Incident Report
001-01 20/01/01 22:07 Search Budleigh ILB launched to search for a missing person.  ILB proceeded to Budleigh Beach and R/V with Exmouth Lifeboat & Exmouth ILB.  Sidmouth ILB searched East to Straight Point and back to Budleigh Beach. India Juliet joined the search from Lee on Solent. Nothing found & ILB stood down at 23:28.
002-01 18/02/01 01:55 Search Sidmouth ILB launched to search for vessel in distress after a report of a red flare 5 nautical miles off Sidmouth. ILB R/V with Exmouth Lifeboat.  ILB commenced shoreline search from Clifton Beach westward. Performed a Parallel Track Search with Exmouth Lifeboat. Nothing found & ILB stood down at 04:35.
003-01 07/05/01 16:22 Rescue Sidmouth ILB launched to rescue 2 persons cut off by tide on large rock island off Sidmouth Beach. Casualties were recovered and ILB returned to station at 16:33. ILB was refueled and ready for service by 17:06.
004-01 21/05/01 22:28 Search / Rescue Branscombe ILB launched to rescue 3 persons who had gone toward Sherbourne Rocks, overtaken by darkness and had no torches. ILB was guided to bonfire where casualties had been by Beer Coastguard, and one crewman was put ashore. ILB proceeded to search eastward and located the 3 persons. They were retrieved from the rocks and returned to their main group. ILB returned to station.
005-01 20/06/01 19:05 Search Seaton Bay ILB launched to search for possible missing wind surfer, after discovery of a sail board washed up at Kings Isle Rock.  ILB performed parallel track search from Beer Head to River Axe.   19:45 Sidmouth 2 launched and joined Sidmouth Rescue at 20:05, with both lifeboats performing a return leg parallel track search, back to Beer Head.  ILB & Sidmouth 2 returned to station at 21:15
006-01 22/06/01 09:34 Rescue Sidmouth Sidmouth 2 launched after a report of a sinking dinghy, with 4 persons onboard, 1/2 a mile south of Sidmouth Beach.  Sidmouth 2 arrived on scene and found the dinghy not to be in difficulty.  Sidmouth 2 then returned to station at 09:55.
007-01 23/06/01 15:45 Search Beer Head ILB launched after report of a missing vessel off Beer Head.  ILB proceeded to Beer Head, when small vessel matching description given was sighted off Western Ebb.  Vessel checked over, all occupants found to be safe and well.  ILB returned to station.
008-01 25/06/01 13:57 Search / Rescue Sidmouth ILB launched to search for possible trapped persons after a report of a large cliff fall between Sidmouth and Salcome Regis.  One Crewman placed on shore to check cliff fall for possible casualties.  No casualties or persons trapped.  ILB returned to station at 15:15.  Further small cliff falls during the afternoon, but ILB not called out.
009-01 30/06/01 12:57 Rescue Sidmouth ILB paged after a report of small boat with 3 persons & 1 dog sinking 75 meters south of the River Sid. All persons and dog managed to swim ashore prior to lifeboat launch and crew stood down.
010-01 18/07/01 16:12

Hazardous Substance

Salcome Mouth ILB launched to investigate a report of 4 green drums at Salcome Mouth. Sidmouth 2 launched and discovered 4 green lobster pots. Sidmouth 2 returned to station at 17:12.
011-01 22/07/01 15:47 Search Ladram Bay ILB launched to assist  two adults and a child who were suspected to be cut off by the tide. ILB proceeded to Ladram Bay and searched the coastline towards the mouth of the river Otter where the casualties were located. They were not any any immediate danger and were told to proceed to Ladram Bay on foot. ILB escorted them and returned to station at 16:35.
012-01 27/07/01 13:55 Rescue Sidmouth ILB launched after a report of of a potential Suicide Attempt 100 meters east of the River Sid. ILB located the casualty and stood off whilst Helicopter Whiskey Bravo winched the man off the cliff and transported him to Torbay hospital. ILB returned to station at 14:33.
013-01 28/07/01 18:05 Search Sidmouth ILB launched to search from Salcombe Mouth to Chit Rocks for a missing person after reports of items found on the beach which had been there for 3 hours. 18:30 there person was located safe and well and ILB returned to station at 18:46.
014-01 29/07/01 09:44 Rescue Branscombe ILB launched to go to the assistance of a lady with a broken leg on the coastal path west of Branscombe. Casualty was located at Littlecombe Shoot where the crew administered first aid and then transported the casualty to Branscombe Beach to a waiting ambulance. ILB stood down and returned to station at 11:55.
015-01 31/07/01 17:05 Rescue Western Mouth ILB launched called to person suffering from suspected heat exhaustion. Casualty had rested for a short time and was then taken back to Sidmouth and care handed over to ambulance crew.
016-01 07/08/01 19:20 Search Jacobs Ladder ILB launched by Police request to search for possible trapped persons after cliff fall at Jacobs Ladder Beach. 1 crewmember placed ashore to search the area. No casualties found. ILB returned to station at 20:20
017-01 04/09/01 17:55 Rescue River Axe ILB launched to assist a broken down speed boat, with 2 occupants, reported 1/2 mile south Beer Head. ILB located speedboat 3/4 mile south of River Axe and took speed boat under tow to the River Axe, having ascertained that the speed boat had run out of fuel. The lifeboat was met by a local fisherman who bought fuel out to the speed boat and was then refueled and escorted to the slipway in River Axe by the lifeboat. ILB returned to station at 19:20.
018-01 18/09/01 1834 Search Sidmouth ILB launched to search for missing person. ILB proceeded to Ladram Bay and searched towards Beer Head. Sidmouth 2 launched at 19:02 and rendezvoused with Sidmouth Herald. One crewman was transferred to Sidmouth 2 and both lifeboats searched towards Beer Head. Missing person was then located safe and well at home at 19:49. Sidmouth 2 returned to station at dusk and Sidmouth Herald returned to station a short time later.
019-01 28/10/01 11:03 Search Sidmouth Sidmouth 2 launched to investigate a large rock fall east of Sidmouth. The rock fall was searched and no persons were found. Sidmouth 2 returned to station at 11:55.
020-01 28/10/01 10:50 Search Ladram Bay ILB tasked by Portland Coastguard while on exercise to search for a missing person between Otterton Point and Ladram Bay. An inshore search was carried out and nothing was found. ILB stood down at 11:45.
021-01 28/10/01 11:54 Warning High Peak ILB returning from incident No 020-0, when the crew spotted 2 persons in danger of being cut off by rising tide. 1 crew member swam ashore and warned them of the rising tide. The 2 people then made their way back to Jacobs Ladder beach, with the ILB following. ILB returned to station at 12:11
022-01 30/11/01 21:47 Rescue Sidmouth ILB crew were paged, after a possible suicide attempt on the cliffs East of the River Sid. The ILB crew were stood down before launch, as the Police had managed to talk the person out of their proposed action.