Callouts – 2020

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Incident No:DateTimeTypeLocationIncident Report
117.05.2011:25SearchJacob’s Ladder Beach

Sidmouth Lifeboat paged following a report of a person in difficulty, 100m off of Jacob’s Ladder.

As the boat was entering the water with four crew on board, confirmation came that the person was safely ashore and the lifeboat was stood down.

Apparently, the person in the water had been spear fishing and had not been in difficulty.

Although the boathouse is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, our volunteer crew are still on call 24/7. Please take extra care if you are visiting the coast in these extraordinary times.

219.05.2017:10SearchSalcombe Mouth

Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist police and coastguard in the search for a missing person from Sidmouth.

The lifeboat undertook a search from Salcombe Mouth to the mouth of the River Otter for almost two hours, before being stood down.

The police and coastguard search remains underway.

As always, a huge thank you to our volunteer crew and partner organisations for their efforts.

324.05.2019:25RescueJacob’s Ladder

Tasked to a kayaker in difficulty 100m off of Jacobs Ladder, Sidmouth. The kayak was sinking and the kayaker was in the water.

As the lifeboat rig was on the beach about to launch, the kayaker made the shore – wet, but safe and well.

Please remember, whether you are local or not, a novice or experienced – the sea can still catch you out.

If you are going out on the water this bank holiday weekend – or any time – please make sure you check the weather forecast and tides, and have the right safety equipment with you, including lifejackets.


Sidmouth Independent Lifeboat was paged at 14:30 and at sea by 14:39 to attend two kayakers in the water off Poundspool, Beer. Lyme Lifeboat was also tasked.

Luckily, the kayakers made it to the shore safely as the lifeboats arrived.

Sidmouth Lifeboat confirmed all ok, while Lyme Lifeboat was re-tasked elsewhere.

529.05.20TBCFirst AidSidmouth Beach

Following the earlier callout on the same day, Sidmouth Lifeboat crew were then requested to attend an inflatable, which had blown onto the inner rock island, to offer first aid.

A large number of inflatables were on the water today, in strong wind conditions.

Most inflatables are designed for pools, not the sea.

Ebbing tides, strong currents and winds can swiftly carry an inflatable out to sea. Please check sea conditions are suitable before entering the water, with or without inflatables. The weather and sea conditions can be very unpredictable along the coastline.

The best option is to leave your inflatables at home.

613.06.2017:55RescueSidmouthPaged to a report of a fully clothed woman struggling in the sea off of Sidmouth.
Crew assembled and prepared to go to sea – typical time from first page to being on the water being around 10 minutes – while also considering undertaking a rescue from the shoreline.
The woman made it to the shore without assistance and was checked by lifeboat crew, along with coastguard and police.
702.08.2009:10RescueAxmouth0910: Whilst on training exercise in the Sidmouth area, Sidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to two kayakers in the sea at Axmouth.
0921: Sidmouth Lifeboat arrived on scene to find both kayakers and one kayak had made it to shore and were safely on the beach. Sidmouth Lifeboat sent one crewmember ashore to check on the two kayakers, who were tired, but in good health.
Both kayakers had been wearing lifejackets, which undoubtedly assisted their ability to swim ashore safely.
0931: Sidmouth Lifeboat located and rescued the missing kayak, which was adrift 400 metres south of Axmouth, and returned the kayak safely to Beer Coastguard onshore.
1001: With the kayakers assessed and assisted by both Sidmouth Lifeboat and Beer Coastguard, Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down.
Crew: Guy Bennett, Martin Barnard, Charli Ferrand
Tractor Drivers: Ian Fletcher, Paul May
Shore Crew: Dave Pearce
DLA: Phil Shepperd
808.08.2009:23Broken down vesselSidmouthSidmouth Lifeboat tasked to a broken down aluminium motorboat, 1 mile south of Sidmouth Beach with two people on board.
The lifeboat launched and whilst proceeding to the casualty vessel, they managed to restart and make their way to shore under their own steam and the watchful eye of the lifeboat.
A big thanks to everyone involved.
9 & 1008.08.2017:24RescueBudleigh Salterton & SidmouthSidmouth Lifeboat tasked to a report of two people on stand-up paddleboards blown offshore at Budleigh Salterton. The lifeboat launched and was on-scene within 10 minutes to find two people and a dog clinging to a buoy about a mile off of Budleigh Salterton.
 The paddleboarders had been able to alert the coastguard about their situation, as they had a mobile phone with them in a waterproof bag. They were picked up by Sidmouth Lifeboat and taken back to Budleigh Salterton beach safe and well.
On the way back across to Sidmouth, the lifeboat was alerted to a number of kayakers and paddleboarders struggling in a strong offshore wind off of Sidmouth Beach, by two crew members on shore. Sidmouth Lifeboat diverted to speak to one group of paddleboarders and a kayaker, to see if they needed assistance. The group did not want to come onboard and preferred to make their own way back to shore, but had been struggling and were appreciative of the lifeboat’s watchful eye as they did so. Sidmouth Lifeboat stayed with them for about 45 minutes until they all made it back to shore safely.
Boat Crew: Simon Priestley (Helm), Tony Martin, Dave Pearce, Kyle Baker
Tractor: Ian Fletcher
Shore Crew: Phil Shepperd, Jim Brewster, Martin Barnard, Paul May, Benjamin Lemaitre.
1129.08.2013:22RescueJacobs LadderSidmouth Lifeboat launched in response to reports of a paddleboarder struggling to get back to shore off the rock islands by Jacobs Ladder.
 The lifeboat launched, before being stood down as the paddleboarder had already safely made their way back to shore.
1205.09.2017:00SARN/aTasked to an incident on the coast with  Exmouth Coastguard, Senior Coastguard officer, police and the Coastguard helicopter.
No further details will be posted.
1315.09.2022:10RescueSidmouth to Weston
Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to assist Exmouth RNLI ALB and ILB and Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team to search for a stand up paddleboarder, last seen of one mile off Budleigh Salterton.

The lifeboat carried out a close inshore search from Sidmouth to Weston in a stiff offshore NW wind, utilising infrared and search lights to conduct a thorough nighttime search of area, before being stood down at 22:47 with nothing found.
A member of the public has since came forward with further information stating that the person concerned was safe and well.
If you’d like to follow our progress whilst on a call out, as well as the progress of other lifeboats and marine traffic, you can do so via apps and websites such as ShipFinder and MarineTraffic.
Crew: Simon Priestley, Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Jim Brewster
DLA: Andy Mitchell
Tractor Driver: Ian Fletcher
Shore Crew: Toby Hoggarth, Brian Taylor, Peter Rosenfeld, Martin Barnard
1416.09.2016:40RescueSidmouthTasked to an overdue swimmer at Sidmouth.
Members of the public saw a man enter the water at 1330 but they had not seen him return and his towel and shorts were still on the beach.
Just as Sidmouth Lifeboat launched to start a sea search, the male came back for his clothes.
He had come ashore and then gone for a walk unseen by the first informant.

A false alarm with good intent.
1518.09.2012:00RescueSidmouthTasked to two swimmers in difficulty between the rock islands. Crew arrived on station before being stood down.
1624.09.2010:50Safety AdviceEast Beach, Sidmouth A member of the public alerted crew on station to an adult male walking on East Beach on rising tide.
We monitored the male as he made his way back to Sidmouth and safety advice was given.
1709.10.2022:18SidmouthSearchSidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Devon and Cornwall police, Beer Coastguard and Exmouth Coastguard with a search for a person in the Peak Hill area of Sidmouth.
Concerns for the welfare of a lady had been raised by a member of the public.
Sidmouth Lifeboat undertook a shoreline search from Sidmouth to Ladram Bay, the police helicopter searched from the air, Beer and Exmouth coastguards teams searched from Sidmouth to Ladram Bay on land.
No persons were found and with no reports of anybody missing the search was called off.
Sidmouth Lifeboat was stood down around 00:00.
As usual, many thanks to everyone involved.
Boat Crew: Guy Bennett, Kyle Baker, Tony Martin, Martin Barnard
Shore Crew: Paul May, Cameron Baker
Tractor Driver: Ian Fletcher
DLA: Andy Mitchell
 18 19.10.2009:07  SearchWeston Mouth to Ladram BaySidmouth Lifeboat was tasked to assist Beer Coastguard Rescue Team and Exmouth RNLI in a search from Ladram Bay to Weston Mouth, following reports of a kitesurf board being washed up on Ladram Bay.
The lifeboat launched, before being stood down on route to Ladram Bay, as confirmation was received that the board in question had been washed off Exmouth beach yesterday.
Thank you to everyone involved.

Boat crew: Ian Fletcher (Helm) Guy Bennett (Navigation) Jim Brewster and Kyle Baker.
Shore crew: Cameron Baker, Andy Horsely, Peter Rosenfeld and Brian Taylor.
Tractor driver: Graham Trude
DLA: Andy Mitchell

Sea conditions: 3-4SSW
Sea state: Slight – moderate

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