Boat Crew

The lifeboat is crewed by a team of 4 when it puts to sea.  The helmsman drives the boat and is in command of all aspects of its operation.  Behind the helm sits the navigator, who assists the helm in reaching the casualty location, and is also responsible for maintaining the often busy radio communications with the Boathouse, Coastguard teams, Helicopter, other Lifeboats, and the casualty. The remaining 2 crew assist in the rescue as directed by the Helm undertaking a wide range of tasks from swimming ashore to administer emergency First Aid, to anchoring the lifeboat and rigging tows to stricken vessels.



Guy Russell
Senior Coxswain
Gardener / Owner at
I have lived in Sidmouth all of my life, joining the crew in 2010 and am extremely passionate about the sea. I have worked as a Lifeguard for many years and spent the vast majority of my life surfing! I run a Business on Sidmouth Beach during the Summer, Jurassic Paddle Sports.
Phil Shepperd
Former Senior Coxswain
Chief Coastguard’s Commendation, 2004
Jubilee Medal, 2012

(Independent Consultant – Coastal Science Ltd)

Joined in 2002, Senior Cox 2012.




Guy Bennett
Brought up in Sidmouth, joining the crew in 2010 and have always had a passion for the sea, fishing and surfing etc… My Business as a landscaper enables me to respond when required, I recently completed a degree in Ocean Science for which I received First Class honours.
Theo Burgess
Manager at Waitrose
Joined the Lifeboat in November 2011, manages the Fresh team in Waitrose – Sidmouth.”Having lived in various places from France to Wales I finally settled in Sidmouth back in 2006. Since then I have been involved with almost all of the local sports clubs and am a very active person! When I’m not working or with the Lifeboat I’m normally found out running or cycling around the valley.”


Senior Crew

Simon Priestley

Jubilee Medal, 2012
(Technical Solutions Manager)
Joined Sidmouth Lifeboat in 2005.
Manages a team who provide I.T / Telecoms consultancy, development and support to a major Property Services Company

“I moved to Sidmouth from Yorkshire in 2004. One of the objectives when I moved here was to get involved with the community. I saw an advert in the Sidmouth Herald requesting volunteers to help with manning the Lifeboat Shop and decided to pop down and see what it was all about. Having chatted to a few of the volunteers I was persuaded to train as boat crew instead!”
I have an 11 year old son, Brody.
Lisa Marie-CookePhysiotherapist Joined the Lifeboat in 2014. I moved to Sidmouth in 2014 and wanted to get involved with the community, so I joined the crew! I am also a member of the Sailing club and an Athletics official.
Ian Fletcher


Information Assurance Manager, D&C Police.PR & Media Officer

Left the Royal Navy in April 2014 – joining Sidmouth Lifeboat in May 2014 to try and maintain my nautical skills! It’s a great organization to work for and is really friendly and professional. If not busy with the Lifeboat, I’m busy running the 1st Sid Vale Cub pack!
Adam Davis
First Aid Officer
Jubilee Medal, 2012
Joined Sidmouth lifeboat in 2006“Having lived in Sidmouth most of my life, I decided to join the crew. Working shifts allows me considerable time to enjoy cycling and walking. I also spend as much time as possible with my daughter – Chloe”



Vikki Snowball
Tony Martin Podiatrist Joined the Lifeboat in 2015. I live and work in the town and enjoy all activities involving the sea.
Jim BrewsterLead Software Engineer Joined Sidmouth Lifeboat in 2016. I love the sea and wanted to get more involved in the community. I windsurf as much as possible and can occasionally be seen off the seafront.
Cameron Baker
Martin Barnard
Dave Pearce
Simon Vacher
Kyle Baker
Graham Trude
Katrina Lindell
Maddie Todd